Using Water More Efficiently

Using Water More Efficiently

If you are looking for ways to save water usage, we have some tips recommended by an expert from Fix-it Rite HVAC & Home Appliance in Sacramento

Water is an essential commodity that seems to be taken for granted, especially to those who are so used to having it so readily available.  you simply turn on the faucet and out flows a limitless supply of fresh, clean, clear and potable water. Water seems to be so unlimited, but in recent years, we’ve learned that is not true. California just spent a few years in a drought and the water supply just barely started getting back to normal. But, even in locations isn’t a lack of fresh water, it is still a good idea to work on reducing water usage. It not only saves money, but it protects the environment because increasing water efficiency helps reduce the environmental impact of water intake, transportation, and treatment. There are a few ways to reduce the amount of water your home uses:

The U.S. Department of the Interior reports that the average American uses about 80 to 100 gallons of water per day, with toilets and showers being the top two contributors to this amount. A way to lower this is to instill low-flow toilets, showers, and sinks.
If you really need to water your lawn, though, you can follow these tips to improve efficiency:
Watering in the early morning can help reduce water loss since usually during the midday, water evaporates while preventing mildew and rot to grass from night-time watering
Use soaker hoses or other methods which apply water directly to the ground instead of spraying through the air, another way to decrease water loss from evaporation
Adjust your irrigation system to only water the exact areas that need it
It might not seem like it but taking your car to the car wash to be clean is actually a better way to reduce water use. Garden hoses use a lot of water, but self-serve carwashes use around 10 gallons.
According to Energy Star, a dishwasher can save 5,000 gallons of water and 230 hours of time every year. By reducing water consumption, we can help protect our water sources, including lakes, streams, and oceans.

Another great way to improve water efficiency is to keep with the maintenance of your pipes. Replacing pipes removes damaged, leaky pipes and replaces it with a stronger, more durable and more effective pipes that can help with water efficiency. The technicians at Fix-it Rite in Sacramento can help you evade, look after, and restore any piping issues that you might have. At Fix-it Rite, we understand that water efficiency is important and can be confusing. We will do our best to help you on this journey, whether residential or commercial. – give Fix-it Rite in Sacramento a call at (916) 363-6022.

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