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Fix-it Rite! AC Repair for Your Sacramento Home

Need Air Conditioning Repair?

If your HVAC system is not running well, you will need a professional technician to take care of your air conditioning repair. Because living in California can be difficult when you have an HVAC system that isn’t working. Sacramento is located in the center of Northern California, the city is well-known for its hot summer weather. A reliable air conditioner is an essential part of living in the Sacramento area during the summer time. That is why you need to hire a central air conditioning expert to repair, install and maintain your AC unit.

Air Conditioning Repair can be Simple

Here is what our Fix-it-Rite! Air conditioning technician can help

  1. We can take a look at your system and help with all aspects of the air conditioning system.
  2. We can make sure your unit is installed correctly, and that all electrical services are running properly!
  3. Our Air conditioning technician in Sacramento will estimate the cost and help you find the most affordable options if your air conditioning really needs repair.

Schedule Service For Your Air Conditioning Today!

Why Choose Fix-it Rite! Sacramento?

What makes us different from a typical air conditioning services

  • We specialize in performing HVAC services including air conditioning, and heating repair in Sacramento.
  • We offer affordable air conditioning services in Sacramento. At Fix-it-Rite charge by the 1/4 hour to make sure our customers pay as less as possible.
  • We are available around the clock to provide you with the best heating and air conditioning service in Sacramento.
  • Our technicians can do all ventilation, air cooling system, AC wiring, air duct, vent, and electrical inspection for all homes in the Sacramento area. We can fix all air conditioner brands available in the market.
  • We can also help with air conditioning control center installation or maintenance.  Install or fix a ceiling fan with us is the fastest and most reliable way to help with your air conditioning service. All it takes is a call or a click! With summer just around the corner, you don’t want to get stuck in the miserable heat!

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Adjusting thermostat for HVAC repair in Sacramento


Schedule AC Unit Maintenance and Installation in the Sacramento Area

Air Conditioning Maintenance Help You Save Money

Routine maintenance of your air conditioning system is important to avoid facing issues. AC units are pricey and taking care of them keep them lasting and save your more money in the long run. And though most AC unit repairs are simple, calling a technician or at Fix-it Rite! in Sacramento at (916) 363-6022 for your AC unit problems is the best way fix a minor problem quickly, helping you avoid the issue getting worse. If you have a brand new AC to be installed, please also give us a call. We will send our HVAC installer right in front of your door.

Air conditioners are the most popular way people get out of hot weather conditions. This is especially true for central air-conditioning systems. Our technicians are trained to detect the warning signs to help you figure out how to fix your AC unit. By hiring us for your professional need, you catch the problem before it gets out of hand. Here are some obvious signs something is wrong with your AC unit:

  • There is no cool air coming out
  • Weak or little air flow through the vents
  • Certain parts of your house are a lot colder than others
  • moisture or a leak near your system
  • Grinding, grating, or squealing sounds
  • Some strange smells coming from your AC unit

Maintaining your AC unit is also a good way to help lower your energy usage

According to, neglecting necessary maintenance ensures a steady decline in air conditioning performance while energy use steadily increases. And when your AC needs more maintenance than the basic things, you should hire a professional service technician.

Don’t wait until your AC unit stops running  – literally! Call us today at (916) 363-6022 We can fix all major brands and also are available for 24/7 emergency AC repairs.

*If you want to learn more about how to maintain and repair your AC Unit, here is the Ultimate Guides to Repair Common Air Conditioner Issues

Major Brands We Fix (But Not Limited to)

Question about our services?

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We at Fix-it-Rite charge by the 1/4 hour to achieve the most economical benefits for our customers.


Keeping your heating and cooling system in good working order means your utility bills will be lower, your home will be more comfortable, and you’ll need to call for repairs less often.


Unlike other local companies that would charge you 1 hour even they only work for 10 minutes , Fix-it Rite! charge by the 1/4 hour which helps our customers save money. We can repair the vast majority of existing units, and we don’t recommend new equipment unless it is absolutely necessary.

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