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refrigerator repair Sacramento

Entrust Fix-It Rite for comprehensive refrigerator repair in Sacramento. We have a skilled team of experts who are always ready to assist you with quality residential and commercial refrigerator repair services. We have tailored our services to cater to your unique needs, ensuring your fridges function at their best. Whether your refrigerator stops cooling or not working as it used to, sit back and call Fix It Rite to fix any problem. Our knowledgeable refrigerator technician offers practical solutions to get your fridge running smoothly. Call us today to save your day!

  • Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • Warranty and Guarantee on Parts

  • First Time Customer Discounts

  • Same Day – Affordable Service

  • Transparent and Honest Pricing

  • Emergency Refrigerator Repair Service

Get These Refrigerator Issues Fixed Fast With Fix-it Rite

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  • Noise Problems: Part misalignment or compressor issues may trigger odd fridge noises. We can find the problem and fix it in a jiffy.

  • Cooling Issues: Is food not getting cold? From minor thermostat tweaks to complex repairs, our refrigerator repair company offers lasting solutions while ensuring your fridge keeps food safe and cold.

  • Leaks: Pooling water by your fridge? You might have a water supply leak or a blocked de­frost drain. We'll repair it fast to avoid additional water damage.

  • Broken Ice Maker: A blocked water valve or broken wire might stop your ice maker. Enlist your 24-hour refrigerator repair service to resolve the issue. We'll either replace or repair the necessary parts.

  • Frost Buildup: Frost overflow could mean defrost system issues. We'll fix heaters, timers, and thermostats to get your fridge back to normal.

  • Temperature Shifts: Your fridge needs a steady temperature. We'll look for sensor or control board issues if the temp is fluctuating and fix them reliably.

  • Damaged Seals: We replace old, slack, or ruined fridge door seals, ascertaining your fridge door shuts firmly. It stops problems like wasting energy, spoiled food, and more.

Our pros know how to solve odd refrigerator problems. We provide same-day appliance repair in Sacramento. This way, you won't be troubled for long by any issue­. Reach us to settle your fridge­ problems now!

What Makes Our Refrigerator Repair in Sacramento Exceptional

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  • Client-Centric Approach: We care about you. Our team is all about excellent Sacramento refrigerator repair service. They work with you to solve your problems and ensure the fixes last.

  • Experienced and proficient Technicians: Technicians at our refrigerator repair company have extensive experience in the field. They are well-versed in handling a diverse range of refrigerator models and issues. We also offer comprehensive refrigerator maintenance to ensure it functions optimally.

  • Transparent Pricing: We give you a detailed quote before we start fixing. We want you to know what's coming exactly. No hidden fees or bill surprises here.

Want to know more about our refrigerator repair service? Check out our Google Revie­ws. See what our customers say about their experiences.

Refrigerator Repair Sacramento

24 Hour Refrigerator Repair Service in Sacramento

You can ensure convenience while choosing us. We provide 24-hour refrigerator repair service in Sacramento to our clients to ensure their routines do not get disrupted, and they can have us at service whenever they feel convenient. We also understand that refrigerator emergencies can occur at any time. Therefore, we provide emergency refrigerator repair service to our valuable customers so they can relax while we fix the issue for them when they need us the most.

Quality Refrigerator Repairs — Prompt, Reliable, and Affordable!

In Sacramento, nothing spells disaster like a faulty fridge. That’s where we come in. At Fix It Rite, we quickly tackle these problems head-on. The process? We assess, explain, and fix—boosting your refrigerator's performance. All our repairs are based on these principles:

  • Act transparently and honestly on every project.
  • Aiming to get things right, timely.
  • Valuing your time, always upholding our promises.
  • Ensuring guaranteed outcomes, providing a warranty on parts.
  • Giving a clear, upfront cost, no hidden charges.
  • Offering the top solution saving you from extra repairs.
  • Each of our experts comes vetted—training, certification, licensing, experience, and background checks are all done.

Dedicated to complete customer satisfaction, we put every effort into improving ourselves with each task we undertake. Contact us today to handle residential & commercial refrigeration repair in Sacramento and say goodbye to your refrigerator woes.

Refrigerator Repair Sacramento

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Experience trouble-free refrigeration with Fix-it Rite! We're the trusted experts in refrigerator repair throughout Sacramento, Folsom, Stockton, and Wilton. Don't let a faulty fridge disrupt your day - schedule a service with us today for swift, professional repairs that last.

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What Our Clients Say

Chi Dolly
Chi Dolly
This is my first review ever and I am thankful that providing amazing customer service and experience still matters to this business. They have a customer for life; 10/10 recommend!!
Chevy Cooper
Chevy Cooper
really grateful for honest company’s like this . I called in distress , my brand new lg washer was shaking all over the garage ! i called and without a charge or hesitation , the owner told me how to easily fix the washer problem myself!!
Mitchell Ryan
Mitchell Ryan
These guys are great. No wonder I had to wait a couple of days to get them, but well worth it. Steve is funny, knowlegeable and has the parts in his truck! Not only did they fix the issue (a circuit board, a sensor and something else), but they also cleaned the coils. My refrigerator went out and I was afraid it was going to need to buy a new one. Fortunately these guys had the parts and gave me two choices. Fix it today at ~$800 or purchase a new one at ~$2100. Their refrigerator magnet will stay affixed to my refrigerator and I will certainly use them again.
Melissa Froshaug
Melissa Froshaug
Our AC went out on over 100 degree day. Steve from Fix It Rite came out within the hour of me calling. Steve was super friendly and very knowledgeable. He had our AC fixed within 30 minutes. I’m only using this company from now on! I highly recommend 👏🏻
alex spinoso MD
alex spinoso MD
Steve is an absolutely amazing business owner! Quick and efficient for an incredible price compared to his competitors. He got it done right the first time!
Bryan Miller
Bryan Miller
These guys are the best.

Scott S.
Scott S.
A talented, honest, responsive tradesperson is a valuable asset. Fix-it-rite is my go-to person. I had a heating-ac unit all the HVAC guys said I needed to replace. Fix-it-rite was able to replace the control valve, and the unit worked fine. Saved $12,000.
Lisa W.
Lisa W.
Steve has always responded to my calls and has been able to repair appliances that others could not. Based on his quick response time and knowledge, his prices are fair. I highly recommend.

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For all your pressing refrigerator repair needs, reach out to our dedicated team at Fix-it Rite. We're accessible 24/7 to ensure that your home remains cool and fresh. Whether it's a minor issue or a major breakdown, we guarantee quick and efficient service to restore the functionality of your refrigerator and keep your food safe and fresh.

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