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Are you experiencing issues with your furnace, or it's blowing cold air? Fix It Rite has got your back with comprehensive furnace repair in Sacramento! For 35 years, we have been a leading name in offering reliable and quality home comfort solutions. Our experts are equipped to handle furnace replacement, repair, installation, and general maintenance services. At Fix It Rite, we aim to guarantee that your heating system runs efficiently, consistently, and effectively, especially on peak cold days. If you need assistance with your furnace, whether it's a new installation or an emergency furnace repair, we are your go-to expert team. Contact Fix It Rite to resolve all your concerns - Your local HVAC experts.

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Furnace Repair You Can Count On

Our exhaustive furnace repair services are tailored to address a wide range of concerns, ensuring your heating system operates at its best throughout the year. Whether you're struggling with minor or major furnace problems, our expert Sacramento furnace repair professionals are well-equipped to spot and solve all heating woes.

Helping You Restore Your Home’s Comfort

Since we understand the significance of an appropriately functioning heating system, we strive to resolve every issue promptly so you can enjoy the warmth and comfort of your house again. Leave all the worries of a malfunctioning furnace to our heater repair company! We promise you to reinstate your heating system's efficient functioning when you partner with us.

Call our Sacramento Furnace Repair Experts To Fix These Issues

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Strange Noises and Smells

While furnaces are usually not silent when they run, it's a pressing concern if you experience strange noises or odors in your house. Contact our experts for furnace repair in Sacramento to dive into the issue and offer a reliable solution. 


Increased Energy Bills

Discovering a sudden spike in your energy expenses while your heating needs are equal might indicate that your furnace is efficient. Enlist our HVAC repair service to clean filthy air filters and address malfunctioning components and thermostat difficulties.

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Yellow or Flickering Pilot Light

A gas furnace's pilot light should have a continuous blue flame. If it appears yellow or flickers, there might be an issue with the burner or ventilation. Contact our experts immediately to resolve the issue, as overlooking might escalate the situation. 


Inconsistent Heating Throughout the Home

If your house's certain rooms are cooler than others, it may signify a distribution issue with your heating system. Get it fixed as soon as possible from our Sacramento furnace repair professionals. This problem can be the result of ducting troubles, a defective blower motor,  or other components. 

24-hour Furnace Repair Services – Call Fix It Rite

If your furnace starts acting up, don't fret! Get it Fix It Rite from our seasoned professionals. We have in-depth expertise to handle any problem, whether it's unusual noises or insufficient heat output. With decades of experience, we can offer a prompt solution to guarantee that your home runs well. Our 24-hour furnace repair ensures you don't have to face the inconvenience any longer than necessary! So, the next time your furnace has a meltdown, you know who to contact.

What Our Clients Say

Chi Dolly
Chi Dolly
This is my first review ever and I am thankful that providing amazing customer service and experience still matters to this business. They have a customer for life; 10/10 recommend!!
Chevy Cooper
Chevy Cooper
really grateful for honest company’s like this . I called in distress , my brand new lg washer was shaking all over the garage ! i called and without a charge or hesitation , the owner told me how to easily fix the washer problem myself!!
Mitchell Ryan
Mitchell Ryan
These guys are great. No wonder I had to wait a couple of days to get them, but well worth it. Steve is funny, knowlegeable and has the parts in his truck! Not only did they fix the issue (a circuit board, a sensor and something else), but they also cleaned the coils. My refrigerator went out and I was afraid it was going to need to buy a new one. Fortunately these guys had the parts and gave me two choices. Fix it today at ~$800 or purchase a new one at ~$2100. Their refrigerator magnet will stay affixed to my refrigerator and I will certainly use them again.
Melissa Froshaug
Melissa Froshaug
Our AC went out on over 100 degree day. Steve from Fix It Rite came out within the hour of me calling. Steve was super friendly and very knowledgeable. He had our AC fixed within 30 minutes. I’m only using this company from now on! I highly recommend 👏🏻
alex spinoso MD
alex spinoso MD
Steve is an absolutely amazing business owner! Quick and efficient for an incredible price compared to his competitors. He got it done right the first time!
Bryan Miller
Bryan Miller
These guys are the best.

Scott S.
Scott S.
A talented, honest, responsive tradesperson is a valuable asset. Fix-it-rite is my go-to person. I had a heating-ac unit all the HVAC guys said I needed to replace. Fix-it-rite was able to replace the control valve, and the unit worked fine. Saved $12,000.
Lisa W.
Lisa W.
Steve has always responded to my calls and has been able to repair appliances that others could not. Based on his quick response time and knowledge, his prices are fair. I highly recommend.

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