5 Common Problems of Heating Systems

5 Common Problems of Heating Systems

Coming back to a warm home after a hard day at work is a great feeling in winters. But what if you come back one day to find out that there is some issue with your heating system?

These malfunctions often happen in the autumn season when the heating is turned on after a long time. Otherwise, also, problems do arise, and it helps if you are a little aware of identifying the root cause behind these problems. Learning to decipher the issues might help you to troubleshoot before you start searching for companies providing ‘emergency HVAC repair near me.’

Let us learn a little about these common heating system issues:

1 Blowing cold air

It’s the worst thing you want your heating system to do on a cold winter evening. If this happens, first verify the thermostat and get it back to the correct settings. If this does not solve the problem, then probably the air filter is dirty. Clean it or get it replaced as required. Another thing that you should inspect is the ductwork. If it’s found leaky, then you can seal it off accordingly.

2 Ignition problems
There can be several reasons for this. Burners, flame sensors, or a dirty pilot can be the culprit. It leads to a pilot outage, furnace lockout, and delayed ignition of the burners. Gas supply is another aspect that you need to crosscheck. Many times the wear and tear of any component of the ignition may also be the reason. However, these problems are best solved by a trained technician.

3 Heating system does not turn off
This is another malfunction of your heating system that can be frustrating at times. If your system keeps on running and blowing hot air, check the settings. It should be on ‘auto’ mode instead of the normal ‘on.’ The ‘auto’ mode is energy efficient as well since the heating system goes off when it reaches the set temperature. The other reason for this fault is that your thermostat or blower may have some issues. Make sure you switch off the power switch before inspecting for this.

4 Unusual Noises
While some furnace noises are normal, others may be a warning signal. It usually indicates a mechanical problem. Sound from the motor is an indication of faulty or old bearings. It requires immediate replacement of the motor. It is advisable to find the best heating company for getting this job done. Other noises may be due to airflow issues or dirty burners. You should not ignore these noises as it may lead to a furnace failure.

5 A burning smell
If you get a burning smell when starting after a long time, then it’s not a concern. It is probably due to the burning of dust and dirt accumulated over time. However, if after regular use in the winter season, you get this smell, then it is due to a dirty filter. Clean the screen, and if the problem persists, it’s better to switch off and unplug your heating system and call a repair specialist.

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