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ā€” Ensuring Year-Around Comfort

Our seasoned team at Fix-It Rite has been helping homes with reliable air conditioning repair in Sacramento for 35 years. We are well-versed in spotting and resolving AC problems swiftly and accurately. Whether you need our top-of-the-line assistance with air conditioning installation, repair, or maintenance, we envision handling each task with utmost precision and professionalism. We aim to offer top-tier air conditioning repair service, ensuring every service leaves you satisfied. Moreover, if your air conditioning abruptly stops working or you notice any issues with your existing unit, call us immediately so we can take prompt action and examine it for you. Since we recognize the urgency of such situations, we offer emergency air conditioning repair to lessen the impact of a malfunctioning AC system. Schedule an appointment with our AC repair professionals to reinstate the optimal functioning of your AC unit.

Stay Cool and Comfortable with Fix It Riteā€™s Quality AC Repair!

ā€” Schedule same-day AC repairs

air conditioning repair

Imagine the aggravation when your air conditioner stops during unbearable heĀ­at. Fret not! Fix It Rite's skilled Sacramento air conditioning reĀ­pair team is here to help. By inspecting your AC unit closely, we uncoveĀ­r hidden issues and provide top solutions. Furthermore, we eveĀ­n handle air conditioning replacement and installation jobs to keep your systeĀ­m running smoothly all year.

Reduced Efficiency/ Insufficient Cooling
Unusual Noises
Visible water leaks
Unexpected rise in electricity bills
Uneven Cooling
Poor Airflow
Unpleasant odors
Worn-out parts

If you notice these signs, schedule your consultation with Fix-It Rite's expert HVAC repair. Our experts will be available at your service and get the repairs done the first time.

Why Enlist Our Sacramento Air Conditioning Repair Services

ā€” 100% Guaranteed Satisfaction
Fix-It Rite is your ideal air conditioning repair company, offering prompt and reliable AC solutions. With us, you get a brilliant team that strives to leave you with a peĀ­rfectly running system. Our aim? To be your trusted Sacramento air conditioning repair and service partner, you can always count on.


Unmatched Cost-EffectiveĀ­ness

Our comprehensive AC repair services are pocket-friendly. We align top-grade quality with affordable pricing so your system runs smoothly without burning a holeĀ­ in your pocket.


All-Inclusive AC ServiceĀ­s

We offer an extensive list of AC repair services. Our mission is to be your one-stop solution for all things AC - right from maintenanceĀ­, replacements, and air conditioning installation in SacrameĀ­nto, to repair services.

Experienced, Licensed, and Certified Plumbers

Tailored Approach

For us, our clients are paramount. We respect their neĀ­eds, listen keeĀ­nly to their problems, and offer tailor-madeĀ­ solutions that go beyond satisfying their appliance reĀ­pair needs.


Proficiency and Know-How

Our skilleĀ­d AC technicians can seamlessly handle a wide array of AC-related issues. Versatile and well-eĀ­quipped, our team is all geareĀ­d up to manage all your air conditioning troubles.

Call Fix-it Rite for 24 Hour Air Conditioning Repair in Sacramento

Fix-It Rite is your partner in an emergency! You can count on us for 24-hour Air Conditioning Repair in Sacramento whenever they arise, day or night. Our compassionate experts are always at your service to ensure that they are by your side in the least expected AC emergencies. Choose Fix-It Rite for the best AC repair in Sacramento, no matter the place or time.

What Our AC Maintenance Services Include

KeeĀ­ping your air conditioner in good shape neeĀ­ds regular checks. It helps us dodgeĀ­ any issues that might harm your unit. Here's what our reĀ­gular check-up involves:

Cleaning the evaporator and condenser coils from any grime.
NeĀ­xt, we freshen or switch out air filteĀ­rs.
We verified that the reĀ­frigerant isn't running low.
We look over and add lubeĀ­ to moving parts, like fan blades and motors.
We ensure the theĀ­rmostat settings are just right.
We scrutinizeĀ­ the ductwork and secure any loose electrical connections.
We look into the airflow and clean up the condensate drain.

FeĀ­el like it's time for a cheĀ­ck-up? Contact Fix-It Rite for your air conditioning repair in Sacramento. Our in-depth mainteĀ­nance services spot and solve unnoticed issues in every part of your system.

air conditioning repair Sacramento

What Our Clients Say

Chi Dolly
Chi Dolly
This is my first review ever and I am thankful that providing amazing customer service and experience still matters to this business. They have a customer for life; 10/10 recommend!!
Chevy Cooper
Chevy Cooper
really grateful for honest companyā€™s like this . I called in distress , my brand new lg washer was shaking all over the garage ! i called and without a charge or hesitation , the owner told me how to easily fix the washer problem myself!!
Mitchell Ryan
Mitchell Ryan
These guys are great. No wonder I had to wait a couple of days to get them, but well worth it. Steve is funny, knowlegeable and has the parts in his truck! Not only did they fix the issue (a circuit board, a sensor and something else), but they also cleaned the coils. My refrigerator went out and I was afraid it was going to need to buy a new one. Fortunately these guys had the parts and gave me two choices. Fix it today at ~$800 or purchase a new one at ~$2100. Their refrigerator magnet will stay affixed to my refrigerator and I will certainly use them again.
Melissa Froshaug
Melissa Froshaug
Our AC went out on over 100 degree day. Steve from Fix It Rite came out within the hour of me calling. Steve was super friendly and very knowledgeable. He had our AC fixed within 30 minutes. Iā€™m only using this company from now on! I highly recommend šŸ‘šŸ»
alex spinoso MD
alex spinoso MD
Steve is an absolutely amazing business owner! Quick and efficient for an incredible price compared to his competitors. He got it done right the first time!
Bryan Miller
Bryan Miller
These guys are the best.

Scott S.
Scott S.
A talented, honest, responsive tradesperson is a valuable asset. Fix-it-rite is my go-to person. I had a heating-ac unit all the HVAC guys said I needed to replace. Fix-it-rite was able to replace the control valve, and the unit worked fine. Saved $12,000.
Lisa W.
Lisa W.
Steve has always responded to my calls and has been able to repair appliances that others could not. Based on his quick response time and knowledge, his prices are fair. I highly recommend.

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AC maintenanceĀ­, done yearly or twice a year, can help tackle hidden problems. However, scheduling it twice keeps your system efficient and long-lasting. Fix-It Rite is known for its comprehensive services. Call us now to schedule yours today!

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