Is heavy Rainfall bad for my plumbing ?

Is heavy Rainfall bad for my plumbing ?

Rains are most sought after for the survival of plants, and animals and refilling the natural water sources on the earth. However, heavy rainfall can wreak havoc on your home’s interior or exteriors, outside properties, and even your plumbing. Yes, your plumbing is vulnerable to heavy downpour. It can affect it most hardly and leave you calling a professional plumbing company Sacramento. To ensure your home’s plumbing doesn’t experience serious damage, it is important to be alert of the damages that heavy rain could cause to your plumbing. This will help you to take action to protect your plumbing before a heavy downpour comes.

Keep reading to know the impact of heavy rainfall on your plumbing

• The pipes can crack due to the pressure of heavy rainstorms

Heavy rainfall can put a great amount of pressure, which could lead to cracks in the pipes sooner or later. When heavy rainfall comes, the water gets absorbed around the underground area where the plumbing lines are seated, causing it to soften. This can lead to the shifting of the pipes from their actual location. The cracks in pipes happen when both the shifting of the pipes and more pressure is put on the pipes. This can even result in pipe bursting.

Although most plumbing pipes are durable and will withstand unpleasant weather conditions and their effects, if you’re doubtful about your pipes or you have very old pipes, hire a reliable plumbing professional to inspect the plumbing. If they need replacement, do it.

• Affects your septic tank’s drain field

Due to heavy rainfall and rainstorms, dirt, water, and debris can build up in the outside drains and septic systems. If the septic tank gets filled up with more water than it can handle, the water will overflow your septic tank. This results in improper absorption of wastewater.

After that, this water will find its way into the sewer pipes of your home. These pipes will eventually cause the water to overflow in your basement. A Septic tank back up is quite common during heavy rainfall or after the rainfall. One way to avoid the flooding of your septic tank is by regularly pumping out your septic tank by a renowned plumbing and best air conditioning company sacramento.

• An ineffective or poor drainage system can lead to outdoor flooding

Having an effective and properly built drainage system is important to drain water after the rain. It prevents water collecting and standing in the areas of your yard or backyard. So, if you have a poor drainage system, it can cause flooding in the landscape, pathways, and basement. After heavy rainfall, the flooding can ruin your outdoor floors and outdoor property. It may lead to the poor structural integrity of your home. If this water sneaks its way inside your home, it can damage your interiors, your furniture, or your belongings.

Make sure you remove the rain backing up in your outdoor areas or indoor areas after a heavy downpour. And call an experienced plumbing and appliance repair Sacramento company to identify the problem and resolve it.

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