How To Find A Water Leak In The House

How To Find A Water Leak In The House

As we live in homes, we use our plumbing every single day. Whatever you use, it will develop issues at some point. One of the common plumbing issues people discover is water leaks. Whenever you find a leak in your home, you should contact a licensed plumber in Sacramento to look over the matter and get it resolved before it causes more destruction. Sometimes, a water leak can go unnoticed by you, and this is because some leaks can be invisible to your eyes. Don’t worry! There are ways to find out if you have a water leak in your home or not.

Keep reading how you can discover a hidden water leak in your home:

Check Your Water Meter

Turn off all the faucets in your home. Stop using the taps while you check the water meter reading. This will allow you to have a correct assessment.

A Sudden Increase In Water Bills

Did your water bills suddenly skyrocket even though your water consumption frequency has been the same at a specific period? If yes, this is a sign of a water leak.

Stains On Walls

Water leaks can cause your walls and ceiling to become discolored and stained. Inspect the walls of your house in every room. If you see stains on walls or ceilings, this indicates a hidden leak.

These stains can also be accompanied by mold on walls or ceilings.

Outdoor Water Leaks

Unlike indoor leaks, outdoor leaks have more chances of getting overlooked as people don’t suspect a leak outside. Plumbing leaks may also exist in the pipes installed outdoors and running through your yard. Check your yard for signs of a leak. If you see a particular area of yard greener than the rest, you likely have a water leakage problem in your sewer pipe.

Appliance Leaks

Have you looked over your washing machine dishwasher for signs of water leaks? No, check it. Sometimes, the problem can be in your appliances rather than plumbing. Get your appliances checked by professional appliance repair in Sacramento and check if they are the reason for water leaks.

Water Heaters Leaks

Water heater leaks are another common hidden leak. The water heater tends to wear and tear and rust from inside with time and age. This corrosion can cause small water heater leaks, which can often go unnoticed until you pay attention to it. If you see a pool of water often near the bottom of your water heater unit, this could result from a water heater leak. A water heater leak can often result from a loosened pressure-relief valve, tightening the valve and solving this problem.

What to do if you suspect a leak in your house but can’t fathom where it is.

If you have tried looking for signs of water leaks, you can invest in a leak detection tool to determine the exact location of the plumbing leak.

The need for plumbing, a water heater, and an air conditioning repair in Sacramento can cost you a lot of money when the repairs are put on hold for a long time. As a homeowner, be sure you recognize the signs of leaks and plumbing problems a lot sooner than later.

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