How should you maintain the air conditioner of your home?

How Should You Maintain the Air Conditioner of Your Home?

An air conditioner has several parts and today the electronic unit is one of the most important appliances in your home. Surviving even a single day of the summer season without the air conditioner is uncomfortable and unimaginable. This is why you must take certain precautions to maintain your air conditioner. However, if you still face challenges with the machine, you must get in touch with trusted professionals for ac repair.

An air conditioner’s coils, fins, and filters need proper maintenance for the efficient and effective functioning of the unit. If you neglect necessary maintenance, your air conditioner’s performance will begin to decline and energy consumption will rise.

AC Filters

To ensure the prolonged efficiency of your air conditioning unit, you must regularly replace or clean the filters. When filters get dirty or clogged, they block regular airflow and significantly lessen the system’s efficiency. With an obstruction in regular airflow, the air bypassing the filter can carry dirt to the evaporator coil. As a result, the coil’s capacity to absorb heat is hampered. It is advised that you routinely replace a clogged and dirty filter. This can lower the consumption of energy by 5% to 15%.

During the cooling season, you must replace or clean air conditioner filters every month. You should do it more frequently if the appliance is excessively used, installed in dusty locations, or if a fur-bearing pet resides with you.

AC Coils

The evaporator and condenser coil absorb the dirt when they work for a long time. If you have a clean filter, chances of the evaporator coil getting soiled quickly are low. Nevertheless, as the ac unit is used for months and years, the evaporator coil will start to get dirty. The collection of dirt blocks airflow and wraps the coil. Consequently, its heat-absorbing ability reduces. It is advised that you check the evaporator coil once a year and clean it, as and when required. This way the electronic unit will last for longer.

Air Conditioner Fins

Fins are located on the coils. These fins can easily bend, thereby blocking the airflow. While wholesalers provide something known as a fin comb to restore the fins to their original condition, doing this on your own can be challenging. You should get in touch with a professional HVAC repair company at such times.

Professional Repair

If your air conditioner has problems even after regular maintenance, you are required to book professional air conditioning repair. A skilled technician can identify and repair the problems in your air conditioning system.

Some of the common checks that the technician will undertake include:

Examine the right quantity of refrigerant
Check if there are any refrigerant leaks
Check oil motors and belts for tightness
Evaluate airflow via the evaporator coil
Close duct leakage, if any
Check thermostat accuracy

Maintenance During Winter

The air conditioning unit is not used in winters. You must either remove the unit and keep it safe or carefully cover it. It is suggested that you cover the outdoor unit since that keeps the unit protected from the cold winters and waste.

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