How Often Should You Clean Your Washing Machine?

How Often Should You Clean Your Washing Machine?

Many people find laundry a time-consuming chore in our modern world. Washing machines are time-saving appliances that make life a lot easier. These appliances also need care and maintenance for prolonged smooth functioning. The water that runs through your washing machine contains minerals that do not just wash down the drain. Residual detergent residue, clothing lint, and general crud gather around the seals, gaskets, lid, and edges. This gives rise to problems needingĀ appliance repair in Sacramento. Therefore, the care and maintenance of a washing machine are inevitable.

But, How Often Should You Wash?

Letā€™s Dig Deeper

As a general rule of thumb, you should clean your washing system monthly to remove debris and residue. Doing this will keep your clothes fresh and maintain the washer for a long time. Use the natural solution for cleaning because it will not harm your system.

Experts suggest washing down the exteriors of your washing system weekly. You can use a damp microfiber towel. Since washers are prone to bacterial growth due to their moist nature, they require frequent cleaning, especially if you do not use hot water, which acts as a disinfectant.Ā Depending upon the number of times you use the washer, it is beneficial to consult an expert.

Maintenance of a Washing Machine

Cleaning your washing machine is a preventative measure for its smooth functioning. If you notice that your clothes smell after washing, it may be a sign to clean your machine. Various types of debris gather around the seals. Moreover, detergent residue and water minerals can accumulate to create an environment for bacteria growth. Debris accumulation can cause clogs, affecting the working of a washing machine. Plus, the layer of detergent residue also traps odor particles harboring bad smells which can come off on your clothes. Therefore, the maintenance of a washing machine is essential.

Let the door slightly open between laundry cycles to allow for airflow because this will help the machine dry, thereby reducing bacterial growth. In addition, try cleaning your machineā€™s seals, filters, and drains around the seal more often. This ensures that less debris slides into the main drain filter inside your washer.

You Can Use A Mixture Of Vinegar And Hot Water To Clean The Debris Off


Do not leave your clothes in the machine after the cleaning cycle is done because it will promote bacteria growth due to a moist environment.
After cleaning the clothes, leave the door or lid open for adequate airflow. This will let it dry from inside, thus preventing bacteria or mold growth.
Keep the clothing load according to the machineā€™s capacity. Do not overfill it to avoid clogging the drains and pipes.


Washing machine maintenance and regular cleaning are essential for uninterrupted working and fresh laundry. You can use white vinegar for quick cleaning. Cleaning once a month can save you from hassle. However, if you think your washing machine is behaving strangely, call an expert for a quick inspection.

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