Easy Tips for Regular Water Heater Maintenance

Easy Tips for Regular Water Heater Maintenance

A water heater is the most convenient way of getting hot water. But an appliance always brings with it the challenges of repair. This is due to regular wear and tear. Moreover, the water heater and its parts go through constant heating followed by cooling. This makes it important for you to take a few precautionary steps to ensure that the water heater remains productive for longer.

Here are a few tips that enable you to use the water heater without any worry about damage or replacement:

  1. Leave sufficient space around the water heater: Proper installation of a water heater is critical for its performance. The appliance is hung on the wall. It is recommended that adequate space be left around it for repair work. If there is sufficient space, you don’t have to remove the water heater for minor appliance repair. When a heater is moved from its place for checking or replacing parts, it can suffer further damages. Therefore, you must keep the appliance accessible.
  2. Follow the height instruction: The height at which the water heater is installed affects its performance. You must place it at a height of at least 6 feet to ensure good water pressure. At this height, the volume will be sufficient and you will not face any challenges with the capacity of water.
  3. Do not use plastic pipes: When you buy a water heater, you will receive inlet and outlet pipes in the package. If these are made using plastic, replace them. Metal pipes provide longevity. Thus, remove and replace any plastic equipment used in the water heater.
  4. Check the anode rod: Large capacity water heaters come with an anode rod. The job of this rod is to attract rust and impurities. However, with regular wear and tear, the rod starts to depreciate. Get in touch with the best heating company Sacramento to replace this anode rod in time. Overusing an anode rod can further deteriorate the life of a water heater. It is recommended that you replace the rod every 3 years.
  5. Set at a lower temperature:Water heaters must also help you with maximum energy savings. This requires you to set the temperature to a moderate degree. The water heater will reach that degree fast and stay on for a shorter period. Thus, you will have lower power consumption and a positive impact on your electricity bills.
  6. Check the plug:  A water heater requires a high voltage. This makes it important for you to use a branded and high-quality plug. The plug must be safe and have fire protection. If you notice any burn marks on the water heater, call for replacement immediately.
  7. Switch off after use: Keeping the heater on for longer will cause damage to the machine. Remember to switch off the appliance after the indicator light goes off. The longer you make the water heater work when it is not needed, the more damage it will cause to the parts. These tips ensure that your water heater works in your best interest. And you will be able to avoid any disruption in the availability of hot water.

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