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Category: General Appliance Repair

Many people find laundry a time-consuming chore in our modern world. Washing machines are time-saving appliances that make life a lot easier. These appliances also need care and maintenance for prolonged smooth functioning. The water that runs through your washing machine contains minerals that do not just wash down the drain. Residual detergent residue, clothing […]

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While using your air conditioner all summer long, don’t forget to be prepared for the winters. When temperature drops and nights become cold, it’s your heating system that is your best friend. For that, your heating system should be able to work effectively and efficiently throughout all winter. Regular maintenance and inspections from the best […]

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A water heater is the most convenient way of getting hot water. But an appliance always brings with it the challenges of repair. This is due to regular wear and tear. Moreover, the water heater and its parts go through constant heating followed by cooling. This makes it important for you to take a few […]

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Specialized Handyman for Your Major Repair Needs When people think of a handyman, they think of a man who goes to their house to fix anything that needs fixing. From rain gutters to electrical issues, a handyman can help in all sorts of ways. However, the handymen at Fix-it Rite take pride in offering specialized service […]

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