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Get the best toilet repair in Sacramento from Fix It Rite if you're experiencing major toilet issues, including clogs, overflows, or ineffective flushing. We are outfitted to handle all these problems appropriately and accurately. With our comprehensive toilet repair service, you can help ensure your toilet is fully functional and free from leaks, cracks, and other potential issues.

From addressing leaking toilets to handling broken or clogged toilets and fixing leaky seals, you can count on our experienced plumber in Sacramento to offer long-lasting repairs and the best solutions to your problems. Additionally, beyond toilet repair, we offer other plumbing services, comprising drain cleaning, fixing water heater issues, and pipe leaking, to name a few. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services, and we'll collaborate with you to find a resolution to the issue at hand.

Common Toilet Issues We Address

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As a renowned toilet repair company, we are well-equipped to fix all kinds of issues, sparing you time, money, and hassle with every toilet-related service. While most toilet issues are clearly visible, some might not be feasibly noticeable. If you experience any of the following toilet-related issues, it may be a sign for complete toilet replacement: (interlinking with blog: Signs it's time to replace your toilet)

toilet repair
  • Leaks
  • Not Flushing or Partial Flushing
  • Slowly Refilling
  • Consistent Running
  • Strange sounds
  • Cracked toilet tank
  • Loose or Stuck Handle
  • Sink, Tub, or Shower related issues

No matter what issue your toilet is facing, our expert plumber for toilet repair in Sacramento is just a call away. At Fix It Rite, we understand the nuisance of discovering a broken or malfunctioning toilet. Thus, we provide emergency toilet repair service to resolve your issue promptly and efficiently.

Top-Tier Toilet Installation Services

Enlist our top-of-the-line toilet installation services if your toilet is ineffectively flushing or needs multiple repairs to work appropriately. Frequent repairs clearly indicate that your toilet is either old, worn out, or experiencing a significant issue. In such situations, it's best to replace your toilet. It helps prevent wasting money on expensive repairs and ensures flawless toilet functioning.

Our Sacramento toilet repair professionals are equipped with the necessary tools and equipment to perform reliable and quality toilet installation, guaranteeing 100% satisfaction. Additionally, you can rely on our experts to offer unmatched commercial toilet repair and installation services so your office can operate smoothly without any hassle. Contact us today to get a quote on your toilet installation service.

Call us for Expert Sacramento Toilet Repair and Replacement!

If you're seeking a Sacramento toilet repair, installation, and replacement service, the professional plumbers at Fix-It Rite are here for you. We have proudly served homes and businesses in Sacramento and its surrounding areas for over a decade! Don't let a malfunctioning toilet ruin your day and cause unnecessary annoyance. Schedule an appointment with us online or call us at (916) 363-6022 to get started.

What Our Clients Say

Chi Dolly
Chi Dolly
This is my first review ever and I am thankful that providing amazing customer service and experience still matters to this business. They have a customer for life; 10/10 recommend!!
Chevy Cooper
Chevy Cooper
really grateful for honest company’s like this . I called in distress , my brand new lg washer was shaking all over the garage ! i called and without a charge or hesitation , the owner told me how to easily fix the washer problem myself!!
Mitchell Ryan
Mitchell Ryan
These guys are great. No wonder I had to wait a couple of days to get them, but well worth it. Steve is funny, knowlegeable and has the parts in his truck! Not only did they fix the issue (a circuit board, a sensor and something else), but they also cleaned the coils. My refrigerator went out and I was afraid it was going to need to buy a new one. Fortunately these guys had the parts and gave me two choices. Fix it today at ~$800 or purchase a new one at ~$2100. Their refrigerator magnet will stay affixed to my refrigerator and I will certainly use them again.
Melissa Froshaug
Melissa Froshaug
Our AC went out on over 100 degree day. Steve from Fix It Rite came out within the hour of me calling. Steve was super friendly and very knowledgeable. He had our AC fixed within 30 minutes. I’m only using this company from now on! I highly recommend πŸ‘πŸ»
alex spinoso MD
alex spinoso MD
Steve is an absolutely amazing business owner! Quick and efficient for an incredible price compared to his competitors. He got it done right the first time!
Bryan Miller
Bryan Miller
These guys are the best.

Scott S.
Scott S.
A talented, honest, responsive tradesperson is a valuable asset. Fix-it-rite is my go-to person. I had a heating-ac unit all the HVAC guys said I needed to replace. Fix-it-rite was able to replace the control valve, and the unit worked fine. Saved $12,000.
Lisa W.
Lisa W.
Steve has always responded to my calls and has been able to repair appliances that others could not. Based on his quick response time and knowledge, his prices are fair. I highly recommend.

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