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Tag: Maintenance Checklist

Copper Pipe Corrosion Copper corrosion in home plumbing systems is common and caused for many reasons. A general sign of corrosion is blue stains oxidized copper can leave on sinks, tubs, and other things, including tinting blonde hair blue. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, pipes that distribute drinking water are generally […]

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Bathroom Maintenance Leads to Less Problems The bathroom is probably the most frequently used rooms in a home. So, it is definitely a room that should be well maintained. We’ve all been there – the toilet won’t flush, or water starts to slowly pool in the tub. From the toilet to the showerhead, the sink […]

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How to Know When It’s Time to Repair or Replace Water Heater? One of the biggest indicators that your water heater needs replacement is water that isn’t as hot as you expect it to be. This is generally caused by a defective thermostat or heating element and is a sign the water heater needs to […]

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Home Maintenance Tips for the Fall Season Fall is a perfect time to get on top of home maintenance before shorter days are here. If only all you needed to do to prepare for fall was to go apple picking and buy everything pumpkin spice flavored. And while those are both important fall traditions, there are […]

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